SCS Features

There are more than 1000 cryptocurriences in the world. What makes SpeedCash different?

Fast Transactions

SpeedCash is 80 times faster than Bitcoin. Any transaction in the SCS network will be confirmed within 20-30 seconds!

Very Small Coin Supply

There is up to 476,918 SCS coins in total until PoW ends. This is 40 times less than Bitcoin, which makes this coin exclusive.

Hybrid Network

The SCS network is based on combination of PoW and PoS technologies providing the best of both worlds.


Burst Feature

BURST makes it possible to have short speedups on the real network for any relatively big stakeholder for free. The best recorded confirmation time with BURST activated was around 2.5s (300x faster than Bitcoin)!

Decentralized Services

The SCS network provides a built-in set of decentralized services making the integration with side projects easier and faster.

Holders Rewards

Everyone who keeps SpeedCash coins in the Desktop/Mobile Wallet will receive an annual 8% reward.


Vault Feature

VAULT technology allows a user to validate document authenticity without disclosure of the document data by storing document hash on the SpeedCash blockchain.

Web Widget

SCS has own Web Widget that displays a news feed generated from your messages in the SCS blockchain.

Fast Development

Our aim for SCS is rapid and active improvements; therefore we constantly work and update progress reports on a regular basis.

Upcoming Features

Some of the most interesting and exciting results should be ready in May 2018. This is a relatively short period of time in comparison to most ICO-based projects.

Smartphone Wallets

SCS will release its own smartphone wallet with unique functions very soon, including private encrypted messaging and a live news feed.

Web Wallet

In order to improve the SCS distribution, we will release our own secure web wallet, which will be available for every device.

Advertisment Network

The SCS network supports public messages through the blockchain, and now we are working on turning this feature into an excellent base for a new decentralized banner network.

Private Messenger

We are going to release the second generation of SCS desktop wallets, which will be primarily be focused on the safe and reliable messaging over the SCS network.

Payment Gateway

We are going to make our own payment gateway as an internal component of the SCS services toolkit, which will allow for banking customers to integrate SCS as a payment system in a convenient and simple way.

Security Improvements

Despite the fact that the blochchain network itself is remarkably safe, we continuing to improve security, and we will add NFC, smart card authentication, and possibly biometric authentication to meet the latest industry standards.


We are actively working on this project right now. For further details, we kindly encourage you to take a closer look at our development plans.

Version 1.2.2 (12 Mar 2018): Sync issues on weak connections have been resolved.
Version 1.2.3 (21 Mar 2018): BURST and Vault technologies implemented.
Version 1.2.4 (2 May 2018): Release description on github.
More versions, sources and release checksums are available on the download page.


SCS is already traded on the following list of exchanges. We regularly monitor how they are functioning and promptly notify of possible problems with trading.


  • Fast deposits/withdrawals
  • Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Big volume


  • Slow deposits
  • Normally fast withdrawals
  • Big volume


  • Fast deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Moderate volume


  • Fast deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Moderate/big volume


  • Very fast deposits
  • Reasonable fast withdrawals
  • Moderate volume


  • Decentralized P2P Exchange
  • SCS is available in the altcoin section of the Bisq desktop application


  • Insta-fast deposits
  • Withdrawals sometimes processed manually (slow)
  • Moderate volume


  • Maintenance
  • Deposits not working (DO NOT DEPOSIT SCS!)
  • Coins can be withdrawn with our support (please contact admin@scash.ml)
  • Moderate volume


  • Warning
  • Please read before exvo twitter
  • We monitor this situation closely

Other Ones

  • We contacted 9 more exchanges with request to list SCS
  • Negotiations are in progress


You can check our Github for the most recent updates and experiments as well as other projects which our team is currently working on.

Quick stats:

7 active repositories

More than 500 commits

4 side projects

SpeedCash Blog

We are focused on the establishment of a real community of people interested in technical aspects of our project. That's why on most pages of our blog, the comments are unrestricted and open for discussion. Feel free to join!

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Our block explorer provides you with up-to-date information about the state of our network, including all recent transactions, the average confirmation speed, and the current coin supply. That is not all though! It even displays a news feed generated from your messages in the SCS blockchain!

Social media

We have social media accounts to notify you of the latest news about our project. We recommend subscribing to these so that you can keep in touch and up to date.